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Best Universal Aura Scanner Metallic Machine- 5500 Gm- (VTASM-001)

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Best Universal Aura Scanner Metallic Machine- 5500 Gm- (VTASM-001)

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Quick Overview

Universal Aura Scanner Machine’ from AstroDevam can easily check the vibration field known Aura (Urja) or the imbalances in the auric fields. The environment, negative thoughts, negative feelings or negative gems/ jewel affects your aura. By putting this well-programmed Scanner Machine Kit we can easily find various energy levels of the chakras and our compatibility with nine grahas (planets). We can also identify negative and positive energies in an around us. It helps to neutralize them with suitable positive energies to balance our internal and external environments such as Vastu energy, Aura energy and Geopathic stress.

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Product Specification

PRODUCT Best Universal Aura Scanner Metallic Machine
WEIGHT 5500 Gm Approx

Product Description

Are you suffering from Stress and Anxiety? Are you sensing negativity in the surroundings?  Is someone in your house often fall very sick or ailment? Do you think something is wrong in your office/ house? Did someone in your family lose his/ her job? You may not know that you or your house is under Geopathic Stress! Wondering what that is and how it is affecting your life? AstroDevam has the answers in the form of Aura Scanner Machine. Geopathic rods (Scanner Machine) are used to overcome Geopathic stress effects. Aura scanner is used by Vastu Pandits, Astrologers, Doctors and Gemologists.

Universal Aura Scanner Machine can also be used for various aspects such as:

  • Examination of an aura energy field of our body
  • Finding an appropriate gem stone which can suit our body.
  • Checking Geopathic stress.
  • Find the body energy level
  • Checking positive and negative energies.
  • Finding various chakras energy levels in our body.
  • Checking suitable plot and its Vastu
  • Checking several types of radiations.

Universal Aura Scanner Machine is designed to give a feeling of prosper environment and surroundings. Aura is basically defined as a bioelectric field emanating from every living being. Aura is the external manifestation of energy body. Aura energy gives reliable information about one’s health in such a way that the aura is quite balance for a healthy person and a shrunken aura signifies low energy where as an uneven aura is a sign of future or existing illness. Universal Aura Scanner Machine creates balance and abundance by supporting health and wellness, and reducing suffering, and provides solutions to improve your situation.  

Universal Aura Scanner Machine can also be used to know the positive as well as negative energies in and around us so that we can identify harmful energies and avoid them or neutralize them with appropriate positive energies to balance our external and internal environments such as Vastu Energy, Aura Energy, and Geopathic Stress. This device can sense the aura of a animate, inanimate objects and person and also the energy volume emanating from the body.

High quality Universal Aura Scanner Machine provided by AstroDevam has long span of life and you can get an authenticity of our product.



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