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Sanjeewani Yagya

    Sanjeewani Yagya
    Sanjeewani Yagya
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Sanjeewani Yagya is performed for healthy and long life and to bring the person out of the control of prolonged and severe diseases. Sanjeevani Mantra reciting is also a form of soothing Lord Shiva so that the person may be free from the bondage of death and cherished with ambrosia bestowing a new lease of life. This Yagya is also traditionally suggested to reduce the bad influence of Mangal (Mars) or Shani (Saturn) when certain astrological combinations are present in your birth chart. Vedic Mantras and Sanjeevani mantras are chanted in this Yagya for giving health to the devotee. If a person is going through operation and his condition is critical then you may book Yagya for surgery because this is very beneficial Yagya during surgery. You may also perform this Yagya before surgery or you may also perform this Yagya after surgery of the diseased person.

Yagya to restore healthis performed with an exact count of mantra or jaap of Sanjeevani Mantra, which is a precise combination of Mahamrityunjaya Mantra of Lord Shiv ji and Gayatri Mantra of Goddess Gayatri and it is believed that the united mantra of these two utmost powers can achieve anything for the person.

Sanjeewani Yagya is generally performed for a person who is suffering from very poor health or whose death is close according to their birth chart in the coming times. Hence, this Yagya is performed to Lord Shiva and Maa Gayatri through Sanjeevani Mantra that any kind of abnormal death or sudden death coming to the person should be avoided and the person should live a long and happy life.

Yagya for critical health problemsis generally started on a Monday and it is generally completed on the following Monday where the day of start of a Sanjeewani Yagya can sometimes change depending upon the time which is required by the Pandits doing this pooja to complete the chant of Sanjeevani Mantra.

Sanjeewani Yagya vidhi or procedure may include many different steps at many stages. This auspicious Yagya for critical health conditionsblesses the worshiper with heavenly support for fast and positive progress and evolution in health. The whole ritual includes the reciting of Mantras, Havan aahuti’s, aarti, Purna Aahuti, donation of rupees and clothing and then the Brahmin bhoj. The whole Sanjeewani Yagya is very amazing and provides a lot of benefits and good health to its worshipers.

The exact components of Sanjeewani Yagya, the deities/ Grahas to be propitiated, the nature and number of the Mantras to be chanted, the components to be used in Sanjeewani Yagya are decided only after going through the exact profile of the diseased person. If you want to know how to get good health, then browse our website ‘AstroDevam’ and book Sanjeewani Yagya.

Benefits of Sanjeewani Yagya
  • Sanjeewani Yagya offers protection from all diseases 
  • Sanjeewani Yagya bestows good wellbeing with sound health for the many years to come. 
  • Sanjeewani Yagya bestows long life.
  • Sanjeewani Yagya makes sure successful operation of a person.
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