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Red Coral (Rakta Prabal, Moonga) Ring (GERR-001)

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Red Coral (Rakta Prabal, Moonga) Ring (GERR-001)

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Red coral or Moonga represents planet Mars. The Mars Planet signifies the self-confidence, boldness, belligerent,anger, bestiality and physical strength. Using Red Coral ring will bring success in competitive exams, improves intelligence, brainpowerand sharp wit. Red Coral (RaktaPrabal, Moonga) with Ring also reduces the effects of Manglik dosh and brings good relationship between husband and wife. For more details,           Click Here.......

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Product Specification

PRODUCT Red Coral Ring
WEIGHT Ring - 4 gm Approx, Gemstone - 5 Ratti Approx
SIZE Free Size (Adjustable)
MATERIAL Natural Stone in Yellow Metal
SHAPE & CUT Cylindrical

Product Description

The benefits of Red Coral/ Moonga Gemstone have been known for ages. Red Coral/ Moonga Ring is worn to boost the positive influence of Planet Mars in the horoscope. The colour of the Gemstone ranges from warm reddish pink, coral pink to deep red. As per the Vedic Astrology, Red Coral Ring is believed to neutralize the malefic effects of Planet Mars or Mangal Graha. Wearing it also removes the weakness associated with Planet Mars in the chart.

The Planet Mars signifies confidence, anger, aggression, cruelty and physical strength. Mangal dosh and malefic Planet Mars in one’s birth chart engdangers various problems in the life of a person. However, if Planet Mars dwells at positive houses in the birth-chart, it offers immense benefits to the person. It enhances confidence and controls anger, dominance and cruel nature and aid in defeating the enemies.

If Planet Mars is weak or debilitated or forming Mangal Dasha in the Natal Chart, it is better to wear Red Cora Ring on the index finger of the right hand.

Benefits of Wearing Red Coral Ring:

  • Red coral ring increases energy and strength
  • Red Munga Ring also helps to support marital life
  • Red Coral Ring also reduces mental anxiety and depression
  • Moonga Ring protects women from widowhood
  • Moonga Gemstone ring also stops nightmares
  • Red coral ring also brings happiness in the life of the users
  • Red Coral Ring brings harmony between husband and wife
  • Red coral also minimizes Dasha and Antar Dasha's effects of Planet Mars.

For good luck, it is said that Red coral/ Moonga ring should be worn on any Tuesday, an hour after sunrise. Energized Red Coral/ Lal Moonga ring by can help in removing all weakness created by Mangal Graha. Additionally, it is the best option for those who wish to turn their troubled marriage into blissful married life. 


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