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Money & Finance Astrology


Always facing financial crisis? Not earning sufficient money despite of best efforts? Worried with unwanted expenditures? All your investments are giving no return? Unable to repay even small loans? Want to get the blessings of Goddess of Wealth? Confused whether to invest into stock market or not?

Feel free to ask us. Experts at ‘’® will make evaporate all your financial worries. You will experience miracle of extensive analysis of your Vedic Horoscope, coupled with our exceptionally effective and powerful remedies.

It is no secret that majority of wealthy and rich persons take help of Astrology for their financial growth as well as sustaining. Walt Disney used astrology to pick the best times for launching his multi-million-dollar entertainment projects. The legendary stock and commodities trader W. D. Gann put astrological principles to work when he made astonishingly accurate market forecasts. Billionaire J P Morgan consulted with astrologer Evangeline Adams in timing some of his most important business and investment moves.

Astrology and finance is co related. It has been proved beyond doubt that a professional astrologer can very well analyze and suggest best financial options, investment avenues, proper decision timings for investment, the sectors to be opted for investment, when to take risks and when not. Many of our clients, who were scared of stock market, but their horoscopes, were quite promising in this regard, made a lot of many in this regard. However, there are so many cases, where after clear cut warning, our clients came out of the stock market and they could save their hard earned money.




Normally, astrological websites analyze financial parameter in your life by dividing people into 12 categories, Sun-signs, Moon-sign or some other sign. This type of Astrology presents only a partial picture and unable to guide you properly.

Some other websites, which are being run by the businessmen and pseudo astrologers, analyze your financial status on the basis of astrological software’s, which is again a mockery of Scientific Astrology. That is the reason, we do not provide so called Astrology Financial Report, Personal Finance Birth Chart, or Finance Prediction for a particular year say, Finance Prediction, 2012; which are nothing but the farce prepared by astrological softwares.

At ‘’® we determine the exact position in the zodiac (not just by sign, but by degree and minute) of all the Grahas at the time of a particular event say a person's birth, the exact position of Ascendant as well as other Eleven Bhavas (Houses) and their interrelationship. Due to this complex procedure adopted by ‘’® it has proved itself in the eyes of its clients.

Our team of experts in the field of Financial Astrology, well assisted by Investment Experts, Senior Accountants and Management Experts, will guide you to know which business or profession best suits you, right time of investment, right sectors for investing money, best choice for opting partnership in business etc. etc. Acharya Kalki Krishna is Management Guru and very senior Management Accountant. Mrs. Anita Daivagya is very senior Investment Consultant and Financial Advisor. ‘’® as an organization, is being benefitted by their guidance. Our researches in the field of synthesizing Astrology & Finance has started to give fruit. Now, our clients are enjoying total financial security. In other words, we give complete guidance on all aspects of your financial status. That also, with our unique recommendations and remedy suggestions for betterment.


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