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Vastu Remedies Running Horses

  1. Running Horses (Cherry) - 10 cm (FERH-005)

    $ 12.66

    Running Horses to attract success, good luck, name and fame. Installing powerful Feng Shui Running Horses item in south direction increases wealth luck and business luck. On the other hand, if you want to boost your career luck, place this Feng Shui Statue in North direction and get the profits. If you wish to know more,     CLICK HERE.......

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  2. Running Horse - 8 cm (FERH-003)

    Regular Price: $ 4.67

    Special Price: $ 2.67

    Save: 43%

    Running Horse in Vastu denotes success and power. You can keep running horse in your house for getting success in every aspect of your life. If you are a businessperson, this running horse will help you grow your business into a global one. 
    Running horse activates the subjects of the zone where it is placed.

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  3. Running Horses (Golden) - 9 cm (FERH-004)

    $ 14.66

    Feng Shui Running Horses symbolize energy, growth and power. They also brings fame, health, speed and freedom in your life. Running Horses in various movements always brings action to your career, success, business and growth in your life. Running Horses in Golden Color support your financial goals and ambitions. If you want to know more about Running Horses, CLICK HERE >>

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  4. Seven Running Horses - 700 gm (FERH-001)

    $ 41.32

    In Feng Shui, horses symbolize YANG Energy, patience, fame and achievement that is why these horses are also known as Yang Horses of success. Chinese Running Horses always represent as charging forward or moving ahead. If you are facing very rigid competitive circumstances, placing a Running Horses Feng Shui sculpture is the best way to bring you victory and fortune, as horse represent victory, power and determination. Running Horses also symbolize respect, patience, pace and peace.        read more.......

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