Leo / Singh Yearly Horoscope 2017 – Free Astrology Predictions

According to Leo Horoscope 2017 predicts that this is going to be an interesting and important year for you. Relationship pressures will ease, and you will continue to enjoy your Love life.Accept your responsibilities and learn to maximize your financial resources.

The 2017 Horoscope for Leo forecast the year to be the easiest, but you expect to comfortably settle in a fresh supportive social environment.2017 horoscope for Leo predicts no turning back for you.You will have more time to enjoy the pleasures of your life.

We are providing you simple transit influence of the planets, as per your Rashi or sign. These transition effects are subject to Dashas present in your Birth chart. If you are in need of getting the detailed analysis of your horoscope, along with thorough planetary Dashas, visit the link:

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Leo (Singh) Horoscope 2017 for Family

Singh Rashi 2017 predicts that you will enjoy a peaceful and family life duringthis year. Celebrations with family are also foretold and for this you will also travel a lot. In fact, this year, someone special will meet you during a family celebration. Spiritual phenomena must be made tangible and valuable in your daily life.

Leo (Singh) Horoscope 2017 for Career

The 2017 Horoscope for Leo predicts that you have to make sure to work in teams and donot take risks alone in the upcoming year, as far as career is concerned. Chances are high for these folks to put their profession at stake for some vital projects. Some official trips will prove vital in shaping the career graph of these persons.

Leo (Singh) Horoscope 2017 for Education

Leo Horoscope 2017 forecasts that you are planningfor betterment; plan to study abroad for higher education will finally materialize in the second half of the upcoming year. Do not let studying become your last priority.

Leo (Singh) Horoscope 2017 for Love

Love life for Singh Rashi 2017predicts a new love relationship is expected to blossom during a family celebration. Leo’s individual will get inclined romantically towards Virgos and Geminis in the year ahead. Those hunting for new proposals will not get better ones at the moment and this interval will be worth waiting.

Leo (Singh) Horoscope 2017 for Finance

Singh Horoscope 2017 for Finance is going to be an expensive year for the Leos, as a lot of fund will be required to be spent. The good news is that partner will give a helping hand in balancing the budget and some old debts will be paid back to these persons.

Leo (Singh) Horoscope 2017 for Health

The Leo Predictions 2017 in terms of health predicts that there are no big health hazards anticipated for the Leo individual in the year ahead. However, these folks will finally think to come back in shape & practice exercise or yoga to reduce that unwanted weight off their body in the second half of the upcoming year.

Leo Monthly Horoscopes:

  • January 2017- You are in a strong social period.This is a time where you learn more about relationships, through your communication with others.
  • February 2017 is a good period for detoxing. Detox the emotions and mind; detox the finances.
  • March 2017- Your energy and health is basically good.There are rising and promotions and in status.
  • April 2017-Great career growth is being made. You are at the top of your chart, above everyone in your life.
  • May 2017- Thus there are career changes, shakeups in the industry or company you are involved in.
  • June 2017 is a time for having your way in life. You are an inventor, and creators create. This is your nature.
  • July 2017- This is the time to review the previous year, correct mistakes (make amends) and set your objectives for the year ahead.
  • August 2017 is a month of Finances strength. It is not good to make significant love decisions.
  • September 2017 predicts that the family situation is still unstable and probably there are intense fights going on.
  • October 2017-This month sees the importance of thefamily area of life and are giving it major attention.
  • November 2017-Your spouse or current love also needs to be more cautious on the physical plane.
  • December 2017 is a month of the financial optimism. You are enjoying your wealth now.


  • Don’t go on any journey
  • Keep your mind under control
  • From Jan-Feb, refrain from taking financial decisions.

Remedies to overcome the Troubles:

  • Regular chant Hanuman Chalisa
  • Offer Chola (sacred cloth) to Lord Hanuman

The Leo Horoscope 2017 forecasts that this is a year of progress. Look deep inside to make your proper decisions in every prospect of life rather than worrying about what others will think.

Above predictions are general in nature. In these forecasts, other position points of the horoscope e.g. Ascendant as well as other planetary impacts have not been measured. Such a complete analysis is possible only on the basis of a horoscope. If you are willing to know your destiny, go to the link:


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