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Jowai, the heritage city of Meghalaya
About the city of Jowai
Jowai is a beautiful hill city that is located on the jaintia hill range of Meghalaya state. This heritage town is known for its traditional tribal culture. The touch of primordial culture and festivals, along with the combination of beautiful natural surroundings, make this place into one of the most attractive traveling spots for the tourists. The pleasant summer and Chilly winter transforms this city into an attractive traveling spot for the vacationers.

Attractions of the city of Jowai

    • Nartiang-Nartiang is a small hamlet, which is located near the Jowai city. This hamlet is mainly popular for the ruins of the summer palace. This ancient site is located near the Nritang market area. This beautiful palace was constructed with the red bricks. While traveling this site, you will find a Hindu temple nearby this palace.
    • Jarain Pitcher plant lake- This vegetation ground is known for having a large collection of the Pitcher plant. This plantation covers an area of 50,000sqm.Near this plantation area, you will find a beautiful lake, which is decorated with the bridge and pitcher plant looking fountain in the middle of the lake. This lake offers a beautiful boating experience to its travelers.
    • Syntu Ksiar-This site is located on the bank of Myntdu River. According to local people this site is also popular as the Flower of Gold. This memorial is dedicated in the memory of the freedom fighter Kiang Nanbagh.
    • Durga Temple-This wooden pillars based Hindu temple is located near the ruins of Summer Palace. According to experts, this temple was constructed by the jaintia King. In ancient times, this temple used to known as a place for sacrificing human. Today when you will travel this temple, will notice a tunnel, where it is said the heads of the sacrificed Human being used to throw into the Myntang river.
    • Nartiang monoliths- these monoliths could be found at different parts of the Nartiang Village. In these collections of Monoliths, you will find dolmens and mehnirs. According to archaeological experts, these monoliths were constructed in between 1500A.D to 1835 A.D.
    • Tyrshi falls-This beautiful falls is located near the Jowai city. To reach this wonderful creation of nature, travellers need to use the arch bridge. From this falls, you will get a breathtaking view of the nearby rice valley, named Pynthon nein.
    • Umlawan cave-This cavern is recorded as the deepest and longest cavern in Meghalaya. These caves area 21 m long and 100m deep. These caves are interconnected with other caves like Kot sati Cave and Umskor cave. While you enter in this cave, will come across uncountable stalagmite and Stalactite formations.
    • Lalong Park- This ecological park area is noted for offering an amazing sight of the Pynthorwah valley area.
    • Jowai Presbyterian church-this is an ancient church of jaintia hills mountain range, which was built by Presbyterian Mission. This church is known as one of the remaining example of the British architecture.
    • Stone Bridge-This 500 years old historical bridge used to known as the traveling medium of the Jaintia kings from their summer capital Naritang to winter capital jaintiapur. This heritage bridge can be pointed on the way of Jowai- Amlarem road.

Shopping in Jowai

Handcrafts- while traveling this city, you can buy some tribal art from the nearby shops. Apart from the beautiful sculpture works, here you can find the beautiful collection of the handmade shawls, scarves in the local shops, which are made by the local women.


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