Jiten Pyramid “Magically sense the joy of serenity”


Jiten Pyramid- Specifically designed for creating harmony and balance through preprogrammed Pyramid Yantra.  Fully based on essential principals of subtle structure and the laws of the universe. Through this pyramid, we get in connection with our inner self, so that we able to achieve a better tomorrow.

Jiten Pyramid comes under “Pyra Vastu” which is a practical art to harmonize the mind, body and soul with the environment. What matters in this whole process is the placement of the pyramid. It required to be placed in appropriate location; in order to achieve the health, prosperity and correcting Vastu.

It is a new concept created for the first time in the world. Pyravastu has been counted as a pynergy network to bring about a positive awareness in and around us. Till now, it has benefitted 2.5 million people in the 30 years of tenure. This pyramid follows the similar structure like Egyptian pyramids, but they are imparted in terms of principles and the usage.

Since 30 years, Prof. Jiten Bhatt, is the person who revolutionaries this concept and actively worked on developing such healthy solutions. “Jiten Pyramid” is the one product which has been offered by “Prof Jiten Bhatt”.

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