Find out 5 reasons how Rudraksha healing power, perks up your Body & Soul


Rudraksha is acclaimed the utmost position in the Hindu Mythology. The name Rudraksha composed up with two different words: Rudra and Aksha.  Rudra stands for the one who weeps while the meaning of Aksha is God's Blessing.

In the core, we can say that this sanctified seed exists to eradicate all evils from inside out, adds up more life with happiness and prosperity. This most rarely found seed is mainly grown in the Himalayan regions. Countries like Nepal, Indonesia and Myanmar have been the regions, where about 95% of the ‘Rudraksha’ seeds are found. Only 5% trees are found in India, which is quiet less in numbers.

It has been said that the shape of Rudraksha resembles like our brain. Rudraksha beads create cocoons of your own energy, that’s why it is well known for its specialty of storing the energy and keeping the positivity on. The effectiveness of ‘Rudraksha’ is certainly differs according to the ‘Mukhas’ or partitions of ‘Rudraksha’.

That’s the reason why Rudraksha therapy is considered to resolve different lifestyle issues and health hazards.

Over the years, it has been proven that Rudraksha beads consist power to alleviate and cure the individual’s mental as well as physical disorders.

There are plenty of benefits that this natural fruit carries, which is not many people even know. It has already proven by many scientific studies that the Rudraksha contains a lot of good substances which are essentially good for our health.

Escalate Heart Pumping

Rudraksha is a potent manifestation of the cosmic force. Rudraksha of various mukhis tend to create bio effects which modulate the signals in to chest and sooner it induces the rhythm in the electrical signals of heart, in result it turns into normal functioning of the heart.

Shield against Negative Energies

The sacred seed acts against the negativity. It creates the protective barrier. Negative vibes which is used by somebody to hamper you, may lead the person into sufferings.

Meditation- Rudrakshamalas/ rosaries are profusely used in the medication and prayers.

Stress Buster- Using this sacred seed to eradicate and easing out the mental issues is very effective. Having cow’s milk with the seed is effective as it is helpful to make the one cool and calm.

Skin Beautification-It improves the skin health as mix of this pious bead, rose water and sandalwood lightens up the skin.

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