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Telephonic Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Who is supposed to make the call? Me or ‘Astro Vastu’?
  • It is your choice. We have provided both the options in the form of Telephonic Consultation. If you are making call to us, we charge $ 30 per slot of 30 minutes or fraction thereof. However, if you expect from us that we make a call to you, the charges are $ 50 per slot of 30 minutes or fraction thereof.

Ques: Whether the prior appointment is required?
  • Yes, it is must. ‘Astro Vastu’ has made this requirement, so that your consultant is at ease and in relaxed mode. 
    Another reason for the requirement of prior appointment is that all the astrologers at our panel are senior and experienced astrologers and in view of their extremely busy schedule, it is not feasible for them to remain available all the time waiting for the clients, hence, prior appointment is MUST.

Ques: Why astrologers at the panel of ‘Astro Vastu’ do not remain online?
  • Unlike other astrological sites and portals; which are run by businessmen, for the sake of money only; and who engage inexperienced novices for telephonic consultation, we give this task to the experienced and seasoned astrologers only; as we believe that only these astrologers, with proven credentials can only justify the requirements of this sensitive and live service.

    We do not expect these astrologers, in view of their extremely busy schedule, to remain available all the time waiting for the clients

Ques: May I chose a particular astrologer for telephonic consultation?
  • Certainly, it is your prerogative to choose a specific astrologer for telephonic consultation. Once, you chose a specific astrologer, we will coordinate with him for a specific time frame of your choice for your telephonic consultation.

Ques: Can I take ‘Telephonic Consultation’ if I am not a registered member?
  • No, only registered members are allowed to use this exclusive service. For being our member, click Here. It is free. Additionally, you get many privileges and benefits.
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