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Donate Us

We do not require your money, or your property; but only knowledge; and that also for others.

Just go through your cupboard, almirahs, bookshelf, old cabinets, closets, storeroom and attics.

Are there any rare and ‘out of print’ books on Astrology, Vastu Shastra, Yoga, Naturopathy, Vedic Sciences, Mantra, Yantra, Philosophy, Yagya, Ayurveda, Religion, Well Being & Harmony, Positive Values, Palmistry, Numerology, Ancient Meteorology, Indology and related subjects and sciences.

Just glance at them. Are you really going to read them again? Are you moving and do not want to carry weighty books with you? Or do you simply want to earn some ‘Punya’ through books?

Please donate them to ‘AHWAAN’ (Association for Human Welfare And Awakening the Nation), a Public Charitable Organization, run by us. It will be better, if you scan them in a downloadable PDF version and mail it to

What will we do?

We will make available these books, on this website, to the seekers of knowledge, wisdom and learning, in the downloadable form, without any charge.

We welcome all type of books in downloadable form, however, if you plan to donate us the books in physical form, please make sure that:

  • Their subject of books should be related to our area of operations. If you want to send us set of James Hadley Chase Novels or Archies Comics, please forgive us. Donate them to your neighborhood library.
  • Even related to our area of operations, we do not expect very general books of cookbook nature.
  • The books should be in “good” condition. This means no yellowing, torn or marked pages, unless they come in rare and ‘out of print’ category.
  • If the book holds a special significance to you, please do not send it to us. We do not send back books once received by us.

What you will get in return?

Besides getting immense satisfaction for continuing the stream of knowledge in an unabated way, you will get a certificate of donation, duly signed by the President/ Secretary of ‘AHWAAN’ (Association for Human Welfare And Awakening the Nation), a Public Charitable Organization, run by ‘Astro Vastu’.
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