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Dhabaleshwar, the temple Island of Orissa
About the city
Dhabaleshwar is a beautiful location, which is located 37 km away from Cuttack the capital city of Orissa state. This Mahanadi shoreline located area is devoted to worship the Hindu deity Lord Shiva. This beautiful island city of Orissa is known for its amazing architectures and stone carvings that dated back to 10th to 11th century. The pure peaceful surroundings of this location bring a spiritual feel inside the vacationer in course of traveling. From a long time this site is a noted name in the Hindu mythology. According to the mythological references, this site watched the miracles of Lord Shiva. Apart from feeling the essence of religion, here you can enjoy some water sports.

Attractions of the locations

    • Dhabaleshwar Temple- This island city of Orissa is primarily known by this famous temple of Lord Shiva. According to different evidences, it can be said that this temple is dated back to 10-11th century. Along with its stone carved architecture, the surroundings of this temple make this site into one of the fascinating traveling destination in Orissa. The presence of this religious in the heart of the Mahanadi River makes it a fascinating place. By traveling here, you can feel the beat of Hinduism.

    • Dhabaleshwar Fair- If you have reached this site in the holy occasion of Shiva Ratri or Paush Purnima, Dolpurnima, or Kartik Purnima, you will get to see the beautiful arrangements of fair nearby this temple. The colorful religious function and religious dramas of the fair will give a special insight in to the life and noble deeds of Lord Shiva. From here you will get a transparent idea about the Hindu religion from close perspective.

    • Stone Revetment- It is an interesting site located near the bank of the Mahanadi River. The smart stone architecture of this place will take you back to the 11th century AD. This ancient architecture near Dhabaleshwar can be defined as the wonder of ancient engineering.

    • Barabati Fort- This ruins of the nine storied medieval fort is another outstanding example of architecture. From this fort, you will get a stunning sight of its nearby Mahanadi River. If you are an avid fan of ancient architecture, then this fort is the right destination for you.

    • Chandi temple – This beautiful shrine is located inside the Barabati Fort. This is one of the well-known pious sites after Dhabaleshwar temple. The structural design of this ancient temple is an interesting thing to look for.

    • Hanging viaduct-This viaduct can be described as the wonder of architecture. The reason behind exploring this bridge is its exceptional architecture which connects Dhabaleshwar with other parts of Orissa.

    • Shasi mosque-This hexagonal architecture pattern based Muslim religious site is situated inside the Barabati fort. The construction work of this mosque was fashioned with the help of stones and tiles. As per various evidences, it can be said that in historical times, this mosque used to be the storehouse of the fort. According to archaeological experts, this citadel was built in the ruling period of British in Orissa.

    Shopping in Dhabaleshwar
    Silver artifacts- Dhabaleshwar is an eminent consign for its breathtaking silver artifacts. If you are planning a travel in this city, you can buy a beautiful artwork illustration for you or your dear ones.

    Clothes- Another interesting that you can buy from this city is Katki clothes. This cotton or silk made clothes are the specialty of Orissa.


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