Can one wear Red Coral (Moonga) and Ruby (Manik) Gemstone together ?


Gemstones are related to nine planets and they are known as ‘Navgraha’. According to Vedic Astrology, one gets various benefits from gemstones when they are worn in the correct method. All gemstones radiate vibration and divine energies that are emitted by the planet within it and helps the user to change their lives in a positive way.All gemstones have their own characteristics,benefits and planets. In this article we are going to discuss whether the Red Coral gemstone and Ruby gemstone can be worn together.

How this will affect a person? Whether it will bring negative effects or positive effects on one’s life?

Red Coral gemstoneCharacteristics and Benefits:

Natural Coral gemstone is organic in nature and is formed by living organism’s polyps. Coral gemstone belongs to massive Planet Mars. Mars is the deity of war & energy and is the commander-in chief of the 9 planets. Since this Planet is near to the Earth due to which it is known as “Angarak”. The red colour of this stone represents the blood and preservation in human’s life.Moonga(Red Coral) gemstone nullifies the effects of Manglik Dosh. It helps to lessen the sinful-effects of Planet Mars in the Horoscope Chart. This gemstone is beneficial for married women who desire to have children. Red Coral stone protects the new-born children from black magic and evil eye effects. Coral gemstonesalso minimize the mental stress and increases one’s confidence.

Ruby gemstone Characteristics and Benefits:

Ruby gemstone that is also known as Manik gemstone consists of Oxygen, Iron, Aluminium and Chromium. This gemstone represents the Planet Sun and brings spark in the human nature. Planet Sun is the nurturer,energy giver and the soul of Kalpurusha. It helps to boost the energy of the person.Ruby gemstone is the gemstone of Love. This gemstone helps to nullifymalefic effects of Sun and gives the positive results. Ruby Gemstone protects one fromevil spirits and enhances the financial stability of a person. Ruby is beneficial for those who desires for a son. Ruby gemstone produces passion and power for women.

Reasons Why Ruby and Coral gemstones can be worn together:

As per our expert advice- Yes, you can wear Red Coral and Ruby gemstone together.Since Red Coral and Ruby gemstone represents the Planet Mars and the Sun that are friendly planet, so you can easily wear both gemstones together.Also, PlanetsMars and Sun radiate the energy that boost the confidence and intelligence of a person that is why they can be worn together.Astrologically these two powerful gemstones can be very beneficial to balance the water element in your Horoscope chart.Both Planets Sun and Mars are fiery planets due to which they can balance the predominance of water element.Hence wearing Coral and Ruby gemstone together will have a positive effect in your life. It will help you to recover from your sorrow and helps to become more responsive, creative, imaginative and nurturing.

NOTE- It is not necessary that the gemstone, which is suitable for one person, is also suitable for another person. In order to know which gemstones will be suitable for you, you can easily contact our expert and highly qualified Astrologers through Telephonic consultation service. 

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