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Yagya for recovery from un-timely death situation

Death is the ultimate truth of this world. If anyone has taken birth on this earth, his death is certain. Death and birth are an inevitable part of human life. Time of death is determined according to the good or bad deeds of humans. According to Vedas, if someone does good deeds, then he goes to heaven and if someone does bad deeds then he goes to hell. No one wants to die prematurely (also called Akaal Mrityu, which is ascribed to Akaal Mrityu Yogas in Astrology). So, if you also want to live your whole life, without getting sick then browse our website ‘AstroDevam’ and book Akaal Mrityu Recovery Yagya.

Yagya to Avoid Alpa-Mrityu is done to worship the God of life (Lord Shiva). By doing this Yajna, one gets longevity blessings from Ayur Devta (Lord Shiva).

If a person is continuously sick, Yagya to Recover from Un-Natural Deathcould be performed on a monthly basis until the person gets good health. In general, this Yagya is performed once in a year on the day of the star in which the person is born. It is started on the day the person completes one year of age. In case, person is not capable to perform this Yagya on this day, it should be done on the successive month. It may be done even on a monthly basis.

By doing Yagya for Recovery from Un-Timely Death Situation, one gets long life blessings from Ayur Devatha (Lord Shiva). Ones a year, this Yagya is suggested for healthy living and longevity. If you are suffering from any sickness for long period of time, then also this Yagya is highly suggested.

You will need to perform this Yagya on the Star (Nakshaktra) birthday of the person. It is very significant that you perform this Yagya on the first birthday. If you have Akaal Mrityu Yog in Kundli then this Yagya is the best solution for you.

Exact constituent of Yagya to Avoid Alpa-Mrityu, deities/Grahas and materials used are only finalized after going through the exact requirement of the client. Our expert Panditas and Ācharayas, who are working under the guidance of our expert Astrologer Āchary Kalki Krishnan, perform Yagya orYagya to Avoid Alpa-Mrityu. If you want to remove akal Mrityu yog from your birth chart, then browse our website ‘AstroDevam’ and book Yagya to Avoid Alpa-Mrityu because this Yagya is the best solution for the recovery from premature death.

Benefits of Yagya to Avoid Alpa-Mrityu
  • Yagya to Avoid Alpa-Mrityu brings longevity.
  • Yagya to Recover from Un-Natural Death helps in overcoming prolonged illness.
  • Yagya for Recovery from Un-Timely Death Situation saves the person from death and death like situations.
  • Akaal Mrityu Recovery Yagya creates positive aura around you and saves you from accidents or natural disasters.
  • Yagya to Avoid Alpa-Mrityu brings good health.
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