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White Coral (Shwet Prabal, Safed Moonga)

White Coral

White coral stone is also referred to Safed Moonga, which is ruled by mars. White coral beads are one of the most precious gemstone.  Coral gemstone is specially recommended for those people who are suffering from horoscope problems relating to Lord Mars. Use of coral stone is found to be more effective and result oriented.  It works as antennae towards yellow cosmic rays.


Benefits of white coral include:

  • White coral gemstone contains special healing powers.
  • Provides boost energy, strength and improves immune system.
  • Overcomes fear and anxiety.
  • Users of white coral are blessed from courage, leadership, ambition and physical strength.
  • It also helps in curing blood related diseases.
  • Enhances harmony and power.

Coral white helps to prevent the following disease:

  • Fever, cough, bilious complaints, smallpox. 
  • Head ache, menstrual disorders, gallstones, spleen disorders.
  • Chickenpox, eruptions of the face and body, loss of vitality.
  • Cuts, burns, bruises, piles, boils, measles, miscarriages, abortions and diseases relating to blood, bone marrow and muscular tissues.

White coralbead or Shwet Prabalby, is also used as benefits for health. Whitecoral stone by helps in curing many harmful diseases.

Moonga is highly recommended for those people who are born in Aries and Scorpio ascendant and Rashi (Moon sign). Sometimes, in very peculiar cases, it is recommended for those people, who are passing through adverse Dasa/ transit of Lord Mangal.

Coral gemstone should be worn in a silver or copper ring  in a locket at the prescribed auspicious time after having a bath, worshiping the ring or the locket. Here you will surely get all answer to such question, what is coral or white coral meaning. You can buy white coral online at 
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