Sphatik or Spatika Lingam: Cultural Beliefs and Few Interesting Facts

Spatika, Sphatikam (Quartz stone) also called as Sphadikam Lingam is glossy lingam mostly found in the mountains of Vindhya, Sankagiri and Himalaya. It is made of crystal. In Hindu Shiva temples, Sphatika Lingam is representing the icon of Lord Nataraja. Hindu priests of the temple offer Milk, Vhibuti or Holy Water consecrations to the Sphatika Lingam. It is believed that Sphatika Lingam removes all negative karma and curses and will enhance ones self-confidence and power.

Cultural Beliefs:

Spatika Lingam has enormous divine power. In Puranas Spatika Lingam or Spatikam is the divine stone which also represents the Shakti (power) of Trimurthi and goddess Shakti. As per Yajur Vedam Lord Shiva is also termed as “Jyothi Spatika Lingam”, i.e. Lord Shiva is in the form of Lingam, Jyothi and Spatika. According to ancients 'Prana Prathista of a Lingam' is not required when the shivlingam is made with Spatika/ Spatikam or Parada. By touching and worshipping Sphatik lingam in the early morning brings positive effects for the whole day. Spatika Shivlingam was worshiped as Lord Sundareswara in Meenakshi Temple, Madurai Lord Ramanathaswamy in Rameshwaram, Lord Chandramauleeswara in Chidabaram, Tamilnadu, Tamilnadu.

Few Interesting Facts about Sphatik Lingam:

  • Worshiping Spatika lingam with vibhuthi milk or water will eliminate all negative energies present in once body.
  • Worshiping Crystal Shiv Lingam with Shiva Panchakshari Mantra 108 times will destroy all sins and curses.
  • Lots of positive energy will vibrate if worshiped vibuthi is rubbed on the forehead. This will change Fortune, Fate & Wealth will flourish, and all diseases will be controlled when we eat a small amount or pinch of worshipped vibhuthi.
  • Severe Illness and sudden accidents will be eliminated and desires will be fulfilled when Sphatik Ling is worshiped with Maha Mrutyumjaya mantra.


The vibrations present in this type of Shivlingam are very high and will counteract all the adverse effects of planets. Worshipping Sphatika Shivlingam will give confidence, power, excellence and remove all sorts of uncertainties.

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