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Maha Sudarshana Yantra

Maha Sudarshana Yantra

Maha Sudarshana Yantra is considered as the prime protective Yantra. Sudarshana resembles to the powerful weapon of Lord Vishnu that has power to destroy the negativity. The Sudarshana has the power to repel and punish the evil deeds. The Maha Sudarshana Yantra is a dynamic Yantra that diminished all illness, negativity, misfortune and many more negativities of life. The body of the Yantra is inscribed with Bija Mantras that has proven effective in terms of protecting from evil deeds. When you worship this Yantra, it helps you to get secured and protected from all harm that you may come across.

Benefits of Maha Sudarshana Yantra
  • This Yantra has proven to be very effective to diminish all negative vibrations surrounding you
  • When worshipping this Yantra all evil spirits will be destroyed
  • The inscribed mantras of the Yantra is blessed by Lord Vishnu which act as protective for the people
  • It enhances peace of mind, gets attentions for good work, and improve prosperity
  • The Yantra has inscribed Sun Signs that has ability to favour your weak eye sight, disturbance of blood circulation in body, headaches, and various health issues
  • It is believed that Maha Sudarshana Yantra helps all type of said diseases
Maha Sudarshana Yantra is available in different size. If it is available in large size you can place in your home, office or shop. If the size of the Yantra is small you can wear it as locket.
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