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Shree Dhumavati Poojan Yantra

Shree Dhumavati Poojan Yantra

Shree Dhumavati Poojan Yantra helps in getting success and also in getting spiritual upliftment. Dhumavati is the avatar of Unsatisfied Desires. Dhumavati is the smoky form of Shakti. She is popularly known as the eternal widow, the Skati without Shiva.  It is also believed that she is called as Shakti without radiance or Laxmi. She gives total protection to her devotees from any sort of black magic. She also protects her worshippers in all types of court cases and wealth from enemies. The use of Shree Dhumavati Poojan Yantra is very mysterious. It is said that Dhumavati has fat body, wears uncleaned clothes, fierce eyes and has very dry hair. Her spinal cord is bended due to her old age. The Yantra is used for getting success and is written on a  Bhooj Patra having Ashat Gand .

Doing puja while placing the Yantra protects a person from:

  • Black magic
  • Curse by ancestors
  • Grieve
  • Loss
  • Misfortune
  • Widowhood
  • Children
  • Disease
  • Poverty

To place this Shree Dhumavati Poojan Yantra, one should perform 1 Lac Japs on the fourteenth day of  the lunar phase during the period of Krishana Prakash or in the cremaration ground. The Sadhak should also keep fast and remain silent for the entire night. Though she is fearsome and ugly, she has blessing with her right hand who can see divine powers in Dhumavati. Find a place on the floor facing east to keep Shree Dhumavati Poojan Yantra where it will not be disturbed. Perform Havasn with Bhog and offer some prayers so that she can shower blessings on you. Once the rituals are completed you should distribute bhog among your family members.

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