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Spiritual Queries

Spirituality is believed to be the notion or concept of a reality, which is beyond material means; indicating ultimate values and meanings by which people live. It may also be construed as an intimate path enabling a person to discover the reason of his/her being.

Sometimes, people identify and define Spirituality as some sacred and transcendental practices, e. g. Meditation, prayer, contemplation etc., which are intended to develop an individual's inner life.

If you feel that you are spiritually inclined or interested in spiritual issues, we just want to congratulate and applaud your orientation.

Your inclination just shows your mental and psychological elevation to higher echelons. It may be start of your journey towards reaching to the new heights of human evolution. Or, you may be on the path of being one of the ‘Great Masters’, who have guided humanity throughout the ages.


The most crucial aspect of this path is that we start to encounter most perplexing questions, every time we contemplate e.g.

  • Where the universe comes from?
  • Why we are here, on this Earth?
  • Is there really something like rebirth?
  • Or, What is Karma Theory?


Sometimes, the nature of these questions may be offending to an overtly religious person e.g.

  • Is there really something like God?
  • What is the harm in not believing in God's existence?
  • Why do different prophets give contradictory teachings?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to get a satisfactory answer to these questions in real life, unless you really meet a real ‘Master’/ ‘Guru’. Now, ‘Astro Vastu’ has vowed to remove the biggest blockage in the path of your spiritual elevation.

Whatever may be the nature of your spiritual query, our research team, fully equipped with very rich depository of knowledge will resolve it.

This team remains in touch with majority of living ‘Great Masters’ as well as organizations working for the advancement of spirituality and spiritual values.


The focus of this team is not on a particular religion or sect, but on the whole humanity, which is reflected in their answer to your queries.

This team tries to keep their answer as simple, as lucid as possible. If required, the answer is well supported by scriptural references. However, we give scriptural references and quotations only when they are required to clarify the issue.

Now, just communicate your most enigmatic, most puzzling spiritual queries to this team and see how they resolve most complex enigmas of your life. To ensure quality of its answer, this team will go through even last drop of knowledge, available to the mankind. 

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