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Scientific Match making in Scientific era:

Go beyond Guna/ Kuta Matching and Software Matching

Going to marry, but not sure about your partner?
Not sure whether you love will last through the bond of marriage?
You know that your prospective groom is socially compatible to you, but you want to know whether he is mentally and emotionally compatible to you or not?
Want to know why there are so much separations and divorces, despite of match making done by astrologers.

 Just ask us to avail ‘Astro Vedic compatibility’ test, unparalleled and unique service in the world for full proof service in the field of Horoscope Matching or Kundli Matching.

 We dare to declare and warn that in more than ninety percent cases, Match making done by astrologers, western as well as Eastern, is faulty, imperfect and unreliable, resulting into troubled married life and high number of divorces.

 If you cannot opt for scientific matchmaking; then JUST DO NOT DO the futile exercise of Match making, as it may mar your whole life, instead of making it.

  • Why this no-nonsense and bold statement?

  • ‘compatibility’– The best available option?

  • ‘compatibility’–- What is it?

  • How ‘compatibility’– is different?

  • Why is the compatibility for marriage, so important to success in life?

  • I always follow my birth sign for all purposes. Doesn't compatibility work in that way?

  • What is Guna Milaan or Koota Matching?

  • Many Vedic Astrologers rely on Guna Milaan or Kuta Matching, but you are degrading it. Why?

  • What is Mangali Dosha or Kuja Dosha?

  • Why should I opt for compatibility, when I know that love is most important element in marriage?

  • I am an Architect and want to marry a person from similar profession, so that we have better understanding in marriage.

  • I know so many persons, who never used any type of Marriage Matching Test, but their married life is like heaven. Can you explain?

  • I am already married. Should I also opt for compatibility test?

  • If our birth details fail in compatibility test, does it mean that I have to dump my soul mate?

  • Why charges so much for compatibility test, when other Astrological sites charge less?

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