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Lal Kitab Tips

Tips of the Lal Kitab (Red Book), given hereunder are general in nature, to be used by all. They may be applied, without going through specific combination of horoscopes. So just try them and get their benefits. But if you want to do remedies specific to you, contact experienced and knowledgeable team of ‘’, who recommends ‘Lal Kitab’ remedies only after going deeply through natal horoscope as well annual horoscope’. That is the reason that these remedies never fail to give desired results.

  • Lal Kitab Tips for General welfare

        • Keep your office or home in organised manner, without any clutter. Dispose of all the redundant articles, which are lying unused.
        • Offer Food morsels from your own meal to cows (for better conjugal relations with your wife), crows and fish (for better financial and health conditions), monkeys (for improvement in financial condition) and dogs for all round well being and prosperity.
        • Offer sweet loaves of bread, specially baked in oven, to any animal every month for warding off sickness, quarrels and other troubles, caused by Mars negative in the horoscope.
        • Place a pot of water in your bedroom preferably on the head side of the bed at night and pour it on a tree or plant in the morning. This remedy is effective in reducing troubles, obstacles, diseases, disputes and disrepute.
        • Do not eat or consume ant eatable while sitting on a bed; This will reduce the bad effects of Rahu, whose job it is to cause unnecessary and avoidable worries and fears. It is better to keep your Dining Table as Close to The Kitchen as Possible.
        • Use silver utensils as much as you can for eating and drinking. It will strengthen Moon and reduce evil effects of Rahu.
        • If there is a small dark room at the end of the house, having no vent for air or light, the same should be left as it is and windows etc. should not opened for facilitating natural air or light; otherwise, miseries and calamities may strike the residents.
        • Do not leave empty Jewellery boxes, Safes, lockers and other places, where ornaments or money. If there is nothing to be kept, keep at least a coin or currency.
        • Keep some uncemented or earthen place in a house.
        • Worship of lord Ganesh is highly auspicious for children and property.
        • Pay respects to your elderly people in your house, neighbourhood and surroundings. Don't ever mock at them. This will strengthen the good effects of Jupiter.
        • Always give respect to your father and mother. This will strengthen the good effects of Sun and Moon. Strengthening the Sun ensures success, high post, help from Government etc.
        • For safe delivery of children, keep two pots filled with milk and sugar each, at different places after getting touched by the lady due for delivery. After the delivery, offer both the pots to some temple and do not bring them back.
        • In case of recurring death of children, distribute salty preparations in place of sweets, to celebrate the birth of the child.
      • While wiping the floors, add some natural salt in water.
      • If you are younger brother, you should never go in the ceremony of adoption of children by the elder brother. You should also not arrange the free marriage of the daughter of your elder brother. These practices may certainly lead to disastrous consequences.
      • Do not ill treat the dogs; if possible, feed them. Don't hurt dogs with stones or sticks. This will strengthen the good effects of Ketu (Dragon's Tail).
      • Do not collect or store unusable items, especially if made of iron, ball of wool, coal, oil drum, vehicle parts, empty cans or any other articles, which have not been used for a long time. Do not store garbage and trash in home or in office and factories.
      • Occasionally, distribute yellow cooked sweet rice (chawal) or dough (halwa) to people, beggars, ascetics and children.
      • Occasionally, offer yellow colored sweets made of black grams in a temple. Ensure to not to take back or eat any part of it.
      • Offer seven yellow flowers before the god / goddess in a temple.
      • Apply yellow turmeric paste on your forehead.
      • Occasionally, offer water and show respects to a Peepal tree. This will strengthen the good effects of Jupiter.
      • Whenever, you visit a cremation ground or burial ground, drop one or two coins. This will provide secret help to you, in a crisis.
      • Apply saffron on your forehead for better luck and all round improvement in your affairs.
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