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Pa Kua / Ba Gua Mirror - 12 cm (FEPM-003)

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Pa Kua/ Ba Gua Mirror is also popular as a Feng Shui mirror. Pa Kua/ Ba Gua Mirror helps to reduce negative chi or energy in your house. Pa Kua/ Ba Gua Mirror brings peace, harmony and good luck in your life. We provide energized Pa Kua or Ba Gua Mirror that repels evil spirits from your home. If you wish to know more about Pa Kua or Ba Gua Mirror,         CLICK HERE….

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$ 2.90
100% Safe & Secured Corporate supplies and wholesalePrashna / Horary
PRODUCT Pa Kua / Ba Gua Mirror
WEIGHT 20 gm approx
SIZE Diameter - 12 cm (5") approx
MATERIAL Cardboard With Convex Mirror


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