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Mukta/ Moti Shankh

Mukta/ Moti Shankh

The literal meaning of this word is ‘Pearl Conch’. In Vedic system, conches are considered very auspicious and harbinger of positive vibrations. You will find all Hindu deities holding conches in their hands. But status of Moti Shankh is much beyond other conches and it has got very high status for achieving all types of Siddhis, especially materialistic and monetary ones. Moti Shankh has luster and shine like a pearl and is generally round in shape.

Pearl Conches are very rare. This phenomenon is one in a million and highly exceptional. It is believed that who keeps Moti Shankh in their place of money and wealth, Goddess Lakshmi boosts and stabilizes his monetary resources.

The ancient scripture Brahmavaivart Puran says that Moti Shanks is personification of Soubhaagya Lakshmi (Special form of Goddess Lakshmi, who bestows wealth with good luck). In Padamavati Sadhana of the Jain Tantra, considered as  best Sadhna for material achievements, success is achieved only after Moti Shankh is offered to Goddess Padamavati.

If someone is facing hurdle in going abroad, he or she should worship Moti Shankh filled with rice, after taking it from his mother. This is tested experiment.

If some farmer wants to maximize his produce, he should  worship Moti Shankh filled with same grain, which is to be grown in his fields.

Keeping Moti Shankh whole night in crystal bowl filled with water and drinking water at the gives glowing, attractive and beautiful face.

It is believed that moving a Moti Shankh filled with rice 11 times around forehead and thereafter dropping all rice into any river or pond, is a certain cure for all types of  mental diseases.

Keeping Moti Shankh in crystal bowl near bed in bedroom and worshipping the same removes all negative energy and makes married life happy.

Sprinkling Ganga Jal (Water of river Ganges) from Moti Shankh in the all parts of home removes all evil, spirit, supernatural and negative energies.

If you require detailed procedure and the other required materials e.g. specific rosary (Mala), specific cloth, vermilion etc. for installing and worshipping ‘Moti Shankh’ and mantra specific to you, to be recited by you, just ask us, there is facility of sending them, on payment basis, by  ‘’® to you along with your ‘Moti Shankh’. However, If you require so, we energize and consecrate your ‘Moti Shankh’, before sending to you, as per your specific and precise objective, without any fee, on complimentary basis.

We want to stress here that while other eBays, websites, companies and E-shops claim (and in rare cases actually do) to energize and program Moti Shankh, and pre-program for specific purpose(s). But  ‘’® not only energizes and pre-programs Moti Shankh for specific purpose(s), but also specially programs the same for a specific individual or family, as the case may be.

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