Mars Transit 2017: Mars in Aries (Mesh)

Mars is transiting in the Aries (Mesh) Sign from 2nd March, 2017 to 13th April, 2017. After that it will be entering the Astrology Zodiac Sign of Taurus (Vrishabha). The move will bring in huge changes in every Zodiac signs, which are sure to be either malefic or benefic.

Planet Mars and the Spiritual relation

Planet Mars in Vedic Astrology signifies strength, energy, initiative, independence, courage, determination, endurance, ambition, power, enthusiasm, willpower, and many other qualities. The arbitrary Planet, Mars (Mangal) mainly governs the determination and ambition stocked in us. Mars denotes the Muladhar Chakra (Root Chakra) and also signifies the Pruthvi Chakra, which is a primary chakra in our body. Some other names of Planet Mars are Mangal, Bhumiputra, Angaraka and Kuja.

Expect a Lot of Changes while Mars Transit in Aries

In the next forty five days, you will witness some fast and dramatic changes in your life. The general approach of people towards various tasks may changes. You will now want to reach some conclusion or spending time on planning.

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Mars Transit 2017: Predictions for All Zodiac Signs

  • Mars Transit in Aries 2017 for Aries: Mars in the 1st House

Mars Transit in Aries will happen during this phase. Planet Mars will enter its own Zodiac sign Aries. Your energies will be quite up to the mark in this period, which will make you active and passionate. You are not likely to face any injury or health issue. You will generally enjoy your time. Mentally also you will feel happy and relaxed during the Mars in Aries transit. However, is also likely to bring in aggression. You will be prone to anger and bad temper during this transit.

  • Mars Transit in Aries 2017 for Taurus: Mars in the 12th House

For Taureans, Planet Mars Transit in Aries will occur in the 12th house. Kindly keep control on your negative thoughts and feelings during this period. This transit is important to maintain a good mental health. Keeping yourself low profile and doing your tasks should be the main focus during the Mars transit in Aries. Your hasty, abrupt, impulsive action may often cause some problems. You are likely to face new challenges in your work place and monetary fronts.

  • Mars Transit in Aries 2017 for Gemini: Mars in the 11th House

As the Mars Transit for Gemini occurs in the 11th house, finance inflow will increase. A favourable monetary situation and gains are also expected. Plus, some investments related to property are also expected in this time period. You will have to take good care of your investments and gains. Be confident to handle resources efficiently. Confidently, you will be able to do justice to the gains made during the day. Intense competition or conflict in relationships with persons around you is quite likely. Hence, you need to remain cool during this phase.

  • Mars Transit in Aries 2017 for Cancer: Mars in the 10th House

For Cancer natives, the Mars Transit is going to be mostly a time of peace and happiness. In this period, your professional life will remain happy and peaceful. It’s going to make you positive and good about things. Overall, the transit of Mars mostly indicates smooth phase with friends, family, peers and superiors. It’s going to get you joy and mental happiness. You have to be cautious and avoid such arguments.

  • Mars Transit in Aries 2017 for Leo: Mars in the 9th House

The period of Mars Transit is good for Leos as far as health is concerned. Overall, health factor for Leos (Singh) is promising and energetic in this particular period. You will enjoy a confident mind-set throughout this time-period. You will also be inclined towards spiritual practices. Make the best use of this period. It is likely that some unwanted feelings could bother your mind in the second phase of the period.

  • Mars Transit in Aries 2017 for Virgo: Mars in the 8th House

Mars Transit in Aries may bring some adversities for the Virgo natives. You have to take good care of your health. Deep emotions will be stirred up and thus you have to manage such developments if you are to come out of the situation very easily. Such tendencies and emotions may disturb the harmony of your professional and personal life. You have to handle yourself in a proper manner. You may find difficulties in maintaining balance between professional and personal life.

  • Mars Transit in Aries 2017 for Libra: Mars in the 7th House

As Libra (Tula) is the sign opposite Aries (Mesh) where Mars Transit takes place, you are also likely to develop enmity with dear ones. Due to your behaviour and attitude, your relationship with them may remain tensed. You have to manage the situations in an easy manner and act with tact. Health wise, you will have to take care during the transit. Some unknown fears, jealousies, and angers may disturb the harmony of your personal life.

  • Mars Transit in Aries 2017 for Scorpio: Mars in the 6th House

During the Mars Transit, your status in life will get a boost. Influential people will start favouring you in this period. You are going to feel satisfied. This period will make you very successful in your undertakings. All this success and happiness will give you more positivity and confidence. You need to pay extra attention towards your health, if you have had any health issue in the past.

  • Mars Transit in Aries 2017 for Sagittarius: Mars in the 5th House

During this Transit, you will be having a good time with your dear one. You will get full support from your Family members. You are going to enjoy the time with your beloved. However, your energy level may be the cause of concern. Too much strenuous work may also adversely affect your health. During the transit of Mars you will remain concerned about the issues related to your families.

  • Mars Transit in Aries 2017 for Capricorn: Mars in the 4th House

During the Mars Transit, chances of short term hatred with your own people are expected. You have to be careful in this matter. Conflicts are likely to disturb you. There may be tensions and stress at routine work during this transit of Mars. You have to avoid such tough situations. You may remain frustrated sometimes because of the mood swings.

  • Mars Transit in Aries 2017 for Aquarius: Mars in the 3rd House

During the Mars Transit, your desires will materialize and overall your career prospects seem to be fine. Here, you will also achieve deals projects within required time. This is going to make you joyful. During the transit of Mars, you will get success on the career front. You will also be treated fairly by your co-workers. During this period, you may tend to be impatient in your approach. See, it’s good to be confident, but being reckless may prove to expensive.

  • Mars Transit in Aries 2017 for Pisces: Mars in the 2nd House

When Mars Transit takes place, you are advised to review all matters carefully which affect your finances and career. This is very important for the natives of Pisces. You have to be confident during this period. Only then will you manage your life in a proper. If you have confidence, you will get various other things. In addition, you should watch your words before saying them. This will prevent you from going into problematic situations. Try to build up your confidence to cope with awkward situations.

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