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Kaushani, the beautiful city of Uttrakhand
About the city of Kaushani
Kaushani or Valna is a beautiful town of Uttarakhand state of India. The Himalayan hill city is located 1890m above the sea level. This city falls under the Almora district. The special surroundings of this city with the wide range of Pine trees, make this into an attractive site among other hill cities of Himalaya, for this reason, this city is often described as the Switzerland of India. While traveling this city, you will come across to see the farfetched view of the Himalaya mountain range. Apart from its amazing surroundings, this city is known for its extraordinary trekking trails. While you will visit this city will find various ancient temples, which transfers you back to the mythological periods.

Things to see in Kaushani

    • Gandhi Asram- This asram is also popular as the Anasakti ashram. This ashram is noted as one of the major residing place of Mahatma Gandhi. Nowadays this asram is converted into a study and research centre. This place is mainly known for the research on Anasakti Yog. Apart from its peaceful surroundings, this site offers a clear view of the Himalaya from a close perspective.
    • Someswar- Someshwar is a beautiful temple which was founded by Chand Dynasty. Lord Shiva is the main deity of this temple.
    • Baijnath Temple- This temple is located 16km away from the Kaushani town. This town is situated on the Katyuri valley. This temple is important from its historical and religious background. According to experts this temples was built in the 12th century, during the ruling period of Katyuri dynasty. As per the mythological evidences, this site is known for witnessing the marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. This juxtaposition of the sculpture works with a picaresque background; make this site one of the major attraction of Kaushani.
    • Kaushani Tea Estate- This tea garden is located 5km away from the town. This tea garden is situated 1,200m and 1,800m above the sea level by covering an area of 208hectres.This tea garden is known for producing organic orthodox teas, which are exported to Korea, Germany, Australia and other regions of United States. While traveling this tea garden, you can see the tea manufacturing process.
    • Pinnath – This religious site is located 5 km away from the Kaushani town. This place is located in the foot of the Gopalkot peak. This site is located 2,750 m above the sea level. This conical shaped beautiful temple is dedicated to worship Lord Bhairon. This temple can be described as a wonder of Indian architecture. The sculptures of the walls on Five Pandavas, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, make this architecture into a beautiful site for the travelers. To reach this heritage site, you need to trek.
    • Kot Bhramari temple-This temple is also known as the Kote Ke mai temple. This temple is located 5km away from the town. This temple is located within the fort area. This temple is dedicated to worship Goddess Bhramari. In some particular occasions, this temple becomes a hub of arranging fairs.
    • Rudradhari Falls and caves- If you love trekking, then you can get this beautiful falls and cave on the route of Adi Kailash trekking trails. This place is covered with the lush green background of paddy fields and pine forest. This place lies 12km away from the Kaushani town. This site is often related to the deities Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.
    • Lakshmi Asrama- This ashram was founded by Catherine Hillman in 1948.This asram is also famous as the salara Asram, which is inspired from the name of Mahatma Gandhi’s consort. Nowadays, this beautiful Himalayan range located asram is known as a popular destination for girls’ educational and residing destinatio0n. In this asram, girls are taught to be self-sufficient by giving different trainings on the handcarts.

Shopping in Kaushani
Tea- As this city is known for having a large garden for manufacturing teas, so whenever travel this city; you can buy some fresh orthodox tea from the local markets.

Shawl- You can buy some beautiful shawls from the nearby shawl factory of Kaushani


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