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Kachchap / Shani Shankh (Conch)

Kachchap / Shani Shankh (Conch)

 Kachhap / Shani Shankh is devoted to God Shani. Shani Shankh brings the blessings of Saturn and additionally it is an important conch to protect from the wrath of Saturn. Kachhap Shankh is useful for overcoming mishaps, risks and threats.

The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word ‘Kachhap / ShaniShankh' is ‘Turtle shaped Conch’.The Kachhap / ShaniShankh is also considered as a symbol of growth, prosperity and stability.Keeping Kachhap/ Shani Conch in the place of money boosts our monetary resources. Turtle shaped Conches are very rare and highly exceptional. In Ancient scriptures, conches are considered very auspicious.

Kachhap / Shani Shankh Benefits:

  • ShaniShankh reduces the chance of poverty
  • Kachhap / ShaniShankhpurifies our surroundings
  • It destroys the negative energy from the surrounds
  • Kachhap / ShaniShankh brings luck and wealth to the family
  • It also removes all types of negativity from the surroundings.

It is a turtle shaped Conch, and turtle is a symbol of wealth,long life, stability and prosperity according to Hindu Vedas and FengShui. It is beneficial in achievements of materialistic and wealth related aims. If one is under the influence of sadhesati of Saturn then keep this Kachhap conch in mustard oil for one week and donate in a temple. By doing so, the evil influence of Saturn shall get eliminated.

Chant following mantra for it -”Om Praang Preeng Praung Sah Shanye Namah

From Fengshui point of view the Shani conch, (shell) fascinates business and benefits from overseas connections. The conchis one of the eight encouraging symbols found on the foot of Lord Buddha. Conch is very auspicious for export business.

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