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Jubbal, the jewel city of Himachal Pradesh
Introduction of Jubbal
Jubbal is located on the riverbank of Pabbal. This beautiful small city of Himachal Pradesh state is closely located on the west part of the hill city Shimla. Based on various archaeological dig ups, it can be confirmed that Jubbal is an ancient city that dates back to 12th century. This city is believed to belong among other 18 thakuries of the Sueltz valley areas. Apart from its rich historical background, this city is known for its thick deodar forests. Today Jubbal is famous for its apple orchards. Following this apple orchards business, this city is now an important city for influencing the financial scenario of Himachal Pradesh.

Locations to explore in Jubbal

    • Chander nahan lake- This Lake is mainly popular as a fishing port. This site is closely located on the Chandsal peak, which is 4260mtr high from the sea level. For vacationers, this place is well-liked for its picaresque surroundings.
    • Hatkoti This 20 km away site of Jubbal is known for housing the famous Hatkeswari temple. While roaming in this famous ancient two-storey temple, you will come to see that shrines, that are dedicated to worship Lord Shiva. According to mythological believes it is said thatthe Five Pandava brothers founded this temple. However according to historians, this temple was built in 800-1000 AD by following the Shikara style architecture. Behind the main temple, you will find another five small temples or deols, which are built by following the Shikhara style design and dedicated to praise Lord Shiva.
    • Rohru orchards-As previously mentioned that the financial scenario of Jubbal is dependent on the apple orchard industry, so while you come to this 20 km beautifully maintain apple orchard vertebrae of the city, you will come to experience work culture of this orchard industry. Apart from its apple orchards, Rohru is also a popular destination for the trekkers and anglers.
    • Jubbal palace- This cream colored palace of Jubbal, is known for its beautiful turrets and roofs. The specialty of this palace of Jubbal rulers is that, here you will find an amalgamation of four different construction bases. In one part of this palace, you will come across the Chinese architecture that is coupled with the masonry walls with the touch of wooden galleries. Whereas the modern part of this heritage palace is constructed by joining the Indo- European architecture. According to experts, to furnish its brilliant wooden galleries and carvings, the architectural experts used the woods of the nearby deodar woods.
    • Kotkhai- Kotkhai is situated 5,774 ft above the sea level. This city is located on the bank of Giri River. This place is popular as the gateway to the apple orchard city Rohru. The palace of this place is the major attractions for the tourists. The brilliant wooden pillars and wooden carvings transform this palace into a fascinating example of ancient architecture. Along with enjoying this beautiful palace, the presence of apple orchards and horticulture firms makes it an important location in Himachal Pradesh.

Shopping in Jubbal
Wooden sculptures-In this city; you will find wide collections of the beautiful wooden relics and home décor products.

Apples- As this city is known for its huge production of the apple to the world, so while consider for buying anything from here, you can stock up some fresh apples from these apple orchards in an unbelievable low price.


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