Importance of rudraksha, when wore on auspicious day or time

Most of the rudraksha supplier or vendors just deliver rudraksha without calculating time or day. They are in business of making money as fast as possible. Importance of rudraksha and benefits of rudraksha does not lie at what time duration you are able to offer rudraksha to your customer, but the most important fact is to deliver best rudraksha as well as calculate the day and time it to wear. So that the user could get 100% benefits from it. You will surely enjoy the real power of rudraksha when you buy authentic rudraksha from

At, the time for wearing Rudrakshas is decided in unique way after considering following factors

1. General planetary movements, for working out auspicious and inauspicious dates in general

2. Planetary positions in the Birth horoscope of the person, for whom Rudraksha is installed

3. Current Planetary movements, relative to the planetary positions in the Birth horoscope of the person, for whom Rudraksha is to be worn

4. The nature of the Rudraksha to be worn

5. The problem to be eradicated or the objective to be achieved through Rudraksha understands the value and importance of rudraksha. We also want that the needy person could get 100% of it. After all, we serve for humanity.  To calculate the right time and day for rudraksha is very rigorous process. We have ISO certified rudraksha, which are properly energized and programmed. You are welcome to buy rudraksha online here.

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  • GJSPC Laboratory
    Thanks for sharing this post.‪Rudraksha‬ is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the name Rudra ("Shiva") and akṣha ("eyes").Rudraksha is the symbol of Chandra and Surya .The person who wears Rudraksha will always accompanied by two Deva i.e. Surya Deva and Chandra Deva.

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