Importance of Crystal Tortoise in Feng Shui

As tortoise is gifted with long life, therefore, in Feng Shui and in Vastu Shastra it gives longevity. As in Ancient Puranas, Tortoise is the second incarnation (avatar) of Lord Vishnu and is called as Kurma avatar. Now-a-days you can find Tortoise in all offices or homes who believe in Feng Shui and in Vastu Shastra. They are made up of Metal, glass, crystals or else of Wood.

The Tortoise is considered a celestial creature, one of four. The tortoise represents the element of water, the compass direction of north and the number one. His corner of the Bagua represents earned income, such as from business or a job, and support for career and business activities.

Crystal Tortoise works as an aid to Vastu defect correction as it has incredible power to balance and harmonize the surroundings around us. Crystal tortoise helps in removing negative chi (energy) around us. Crystal is strong chi enhancers. This amazing show piece acts a great enhancer for career luck, long life and health, wealth luck, education luck and family luck. Tortoise made of pure crystals should be either placed in North West or South West.

Benefits of keeping Crystal Tortoise:

  • Wealth Luck.

Placing a Crystal tortoise figure in the southeast is another way to grow your money. Even better, the pure and natural Crystal Tortoise in the southeast wealth sector not only helps your investments grow, it also protects them. A turtle figure is a great wealth activator!

  • Sleep soundly

Placing a small, pure and natural Crystal Tortoise figure also helps you sleep better at night. The added support gives you protection and more refreshing rest while you are sleeping.

  • Recognition

Adding a Crystal turtle figure or image in your workplace can boost your recognition and support at work – additionally gives you more opportunities to move up your career ladder – and earn more money!

  • Increase your earning power

Placing a Crystal Tortoise figure or image in the north-west sector of your living room increases your income and opportunities for job promotions and more income.

  • Improve your health

If you wish for happier family relationships and better health, add this figurine to the East sector of your living room to improve both parts of your life. The Tortoise, a symbol of water, enhances your family luck.

Additionally, if you want your children to have a good concentration in their studies, you can place it near study table. So, when we keep this in our home or workplace or with us, the place is purified by the power of Natural Crystal Tortoise, which neutralizes all negative chi (energies). Keep checking that they are well placed in above mentioned direction in order to experience the positive results.


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