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Hutashana Yoga

What is ‘Hutashana Yoga’ in Astrology Yogas?  

It is an inauspicious yoga in Astrology. New assignment and works should not be commenced on this day. Foundation of house or shop must not be built during this malefic yoga. Hutashana Yoga is to be avoided in all good muhurtha and especially in journey.  

How Hutashana Yoga is formed?  

1. If the day is Sunday and the Tithi is the twelfth Tithi then Hutashana Yoga forms.

2. If the day is Monday and the Tithi is the sixth Tithi then Hutashana yoga forms.

3. If the seventh Tithi happens on Tuesday then this yoga is formed.

4. If the Tithi is the eighth Tithi and the day is Wednesday then Hutashana Yoga will form.

5. If the Tithi is the ninth Tithi and the day is Thursday then you will get results of Hutashana Yoga.

6. If the day is Friday and the Tithi is the tenth Tithi then it forms Hutashana Yoga.

7. If the eleventh Tithi occurs on Saturday then you should not perform any auspicious acts.

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