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Grey Pyramid - 13 cm (PYGY-001)

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Quick Overview

Grey Color Pyramid represents heaven and synchronicity. In Vastu and Feng Shui, Grey Color means a sense of achievement and comfort in life. Keeping Grey Pyramid helps to improve knowledge & education. Grey is the most composed colour in Vastu and Feng Shui. Grey Pyramid can bring calming and soothing energy to a place where it is kept and can help a person clear their mind from negative thoughts.

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Addition Information

PRODUCT Grey Pyramid
WEIGHT 40 gm Approx
SIZE Length - 13 cm (5"), Width - 13 cm (5") approx
MATERIAL Moulded Plastic


In Feng Shui and Vastu, each color brings a different quality of energy. Knowledge of Feng Shui color use, can give you an idea of creating a better environment. Grey color is not only considered as boring, dull colour, but also comes under sophisticated upscale noble color scheme.

Keeping Grey Color Pyramid in the living room can create a soothing, comfortable and welcoming feeling. Grey colour belongs to the element of Metal. Grey Pyramid is best used in the following Feng Shui Bagua Areas: North (Career & Path in Life), West (Creativity & Children) and Northwest (Helpful People & Blessings).

Warm, grey color Feng Shui Pyramid can bring a clear and beautiful Feng Shui energy into the living room, home, office (main entrance). Avoid using Grey Pyramid in any bedrooms-either your own, old parents or children’s room.

Overall, Grey Vastu Pyramid is best used as an accent colour in Vastu, as it brings a sharp energy that can brighten and clear negative vibes from the surroundings. In Feng Shui, Grey Colour signifies metal element and clear headedness. Grey Pyramid is amazing for people’s health and it also promotes new beginnings.

Use of Grey Pyramid: Since this is a Pyramid that restrains and calms your mind, it is therefore best to use it in the Yoga and meditation areas. You can also use Grey Pyramid in office spaces, for promoting professional understanding and greater focus on the business aspects. It also calms the office tension and pressure around as well. Vastu Grey Pyramid also increases positive energy in the room, office or residence.



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