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United Nations (UNO) Day, United Nations Day Celebration

United Nations Day is celebrated for the formation of the United Nations in 1945. All the US states as well as the 81 countries (members of the United Nations) celebrate this important day, every year. United Nations Day is always celebrated on Oct 24th annually because that is the day when the UNO was made official. United Nations Day is devoted to making known to people all over the Globe the achievements and aims of the UNO.

UNO Day Date: 24 October

The United Nations, as an organization, participate in activities ranging from supports in times of disasters (coming from natural disasters and war). They offer medical assistance to those in need as well as providing clean shelter, water and food to recover. United Nations Day has traditionally been marked thoughout the Globe with meetings, discussions and shows about the goals of the organization. In 1971 the UN General Assembly adopted a further resolution (UN Resolution 2782) declaring that UNO Day shall be an international holiday and recommended to be as a public holiday by all members of the United Nations.

What Does It Do?

The purpose of the United Nations Day is to "advance justice, preserve peace and constitute a structure for international co-operation." In other words, the UN acts as a Global forum to help neighbouring countries work together to get peace, equality and human rights.

United Nations Celebrations

Some towns of the United States celebrate by organizing public rallies with speakers who share about the achievements of the United Nations. Celebrations often include a show of cultural performances and a food fair, where foods are offered from all over the Globe. Every year, since 1946, the President of United States has issued a proclamation for United Nations Day. The most recent such proclamation (public statement) was issued by Barack Obama (This write up updated in 2016).


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