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Sharad Poornima

sharad purnima

Sharad Purnima
India is a land of different religions and communities and in this country, different types of festivals are celebrated and these eves are celebrated with full enthusiasm and enjoyment. One such festival of Hindus is the Sharad Purnima, this festival is celebrated in the month of Ashwin that is in between September to October on the first full moon day. The moon is very bright on this occasion and it symbolises the changing in weather after monsoon. This day is celebrated on behalf of the true love story of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha.

Celebrations of Sharad Purnima
This festival is celebrated with great zest all across the country. People awake for the whole night and chant prayers and sing holy songs and wait for the Goddess Lakshmi to shower prosperity and wealth as according to a belief, Goddess Lakshmi showers wealth and prosperity to those people who are awake for that night. People offer kheer and other sweets to the Lord on this eve. On this occasion, people visit temples and pray God for well- being of the family. All the temples across the country are decorated very beautifully. There is a feeling of love, joy and happiness all across the different corners of the country. The full moon has a great importance on this day as some people look at the moon with the milk boiling in the vessel while some others try to improve their vision by threading a needle on the moon under its rays. According to another ritual, people keep the vessel of sweets under the full moon for the whole night and on the next day, they distribute in to the people as prasad. Different people have different beliefs and that is the reason that the festival is celebrated with different customs and rituals in different parts of the country like in Maharashtra; the eldest child of the family is honoured while in Gujarat, this eve is celebrated by performing different dance forms like Raas and Garba.

Significance of this day on the lives of people
This day signifies the true love of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha. Through the medium of this day friends and relatives gather all around and enjoy this eve. Above all this festival is associated with the welfare and health of a family and that is the reason that many devotees keep a fast on this day. This eve symbolises love and prosperity.


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