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Rajiv Gandhi Birthday

 Rajiv Gandhi Birthday

Rajiv Gandhi Birthday celebration

The birthday of Rajiv Gandhi, the sixth Prime Minister of India, is celebrated as Sadbhavna Divas and Urja Divas by the entire nation. Despite being the youngest Prime Minister of India, he managed to earn the love and respect of not only his peers and elders but also his opponents. He was lovingly referred to as a youth icon and visionary who would go to any lengths to realize his dream of making India a great superpower.

In 2013, the 69th anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi’s birthday will be celebrated on 20th August.

About the young leader of India Rajiv Gandhi

Rajiv Gandhi, the eldest son of Indra Gandhi and Feroz Gandhi, was a professional pilot before he entered politics after the tragic death of his younger brother Sanjay Gandhi in 1980. Soon another tragedy followed, when his mother and the then Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indra Gandhi, was assassinated in 1984. Consequently the top leadership of the Congress party, proposed his name for Prime Minister and despite his inexperience, the party recorded a historic win in the national elections of 1984.

During his tenure as the Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi became extremely popular for his modernistic approach towards governance. He started scrapping the age old policies and economic regulations, which he thought were hampering the growth of the nation. He also encouraged technological development and modernized the telecommunication industry, besides working hard towards ensuring better relations with major countries across the globe.

Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi

Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated with the help of human bomb on 21st May 1991 in Sriperumbudur, where he had arrived to attend a public meeting as a part of the national election campaign. The Sri Lankan terrorist group LTTE later claimed responsibility for the attack saying that it was seeking revenge for sending the Indian Peace Keeping force to Sri Lanka.

Celebration of Rajiv Gandhi Birthday

Rajiv Gandhi’s birthday is celebrated throughout the nation with great enthusiasm and reverence. The main function is held at Veer Bhoomi, the Samadhi Sathal of the deceased Prime Minister.  Apart from close family members numerous political leaders, close friends and government dignitaries visit the place to pay homage to the brave son of India.

The Rajiv Gandhi foundation, set up in the memory of the great leader also organizes a major function on this day. It honors the Indians, who have attained excellence in various fields by presenting them with Rajiv Gandhi Award, which symbolizes the progressive thinking of the departed leader.


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