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Indian Derby Weekend

Indian Derby Weekend

The Indian Derby Weakened is the most prestigious event in Mumbai which charms thousands of spectators who visit Race course for enjoying horse racing at renowned Racetrack. The event owns the credit of being the biggest lucrative event on the Mumbai social calendar. The venue site at Mahalaxmi racecourse, which is modelled on the Melbourne Race Course, was opened in 1883.

 The first Indian Derby Weekendwas held in the year 1943 and has been constantly organized every year.The track is oval shaped, spread over approx. 225 acres of land in the heart of Mumbai city, which offers sufficient areas for spectators during the event with the Paddock Parade zone being a predominantly popular place for viewing the attractively groomed and presentable horses and their jockeys. The structures possess enormous architectural beauty with historical significance.

 There are several attractions to this well-organized event other than only the horse racing, like proficient salsa dancing, global aerial ballet, live music performances and live bands which add entertaining factor to this popular event.

Overall, the Indian Derby weekend packs in supreme grandeur with fashion, entertainment and sport on a vast scale. The Indian Derby event takes place annually during Feboften on the first Sunday of the month.All the information given above are of general nature only, collected and reproduced for the general information only. However, if you want some specific, exclusive and deep information, you may avail our specially designed services, for satisfying your thirst of knowledge.

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