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Traditional Diwali Decorative Items are used in Hindu households to decorate the house on Deepawali or Diwali. Diwali is certainly the biggest of all Hindu festivals. Diwali is also known as the festival of lights which dazzles the house with its joy.

So, during this Festival, 'deeps' or diyas or (oil lamps) are burned in the to defend against darkness and evilspirits.It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi visits every house during Diwali and brings peace, wealth and prosperity to all. On Deepawali day, a traditional "Lakshmi-Pujan" is performed in the evenings after sunset in all the homes.

Those who have a fancy for different types of Diwali decorative items can opt for these items available online.Light is important in Hinduism because it signifies goodness. Lighting up Diyas or Deeps brings the supernatural joy and spreading love amidst hatred.

Step By Step Laxmi Pujan:

  • First clean the Puja room.
  • Bathe Lord Ganesh and Maa Lakshmi first with water.
  • Now put Deep in front of the Deities - As the diyas are lighted to shoo away the shadows of evil.
  • Make a Panchamitra with five ingredients: ghee, milk, curd, honey and sugar.
  • Place Few sweets andfruits as a prashad (divine offerings).
  • Make offerings of Abir (red colour), Flowers, Haldi (turmeric) and Sindoor (vermillion). Light thelamps filled with Ghee and Agarbatti (incense sticks).
  • Now make offerings of Sweet dishes, sweets, fruit and offer Dakshina which latter could be given to the poor.
  • In the end offer betel leaves (paan), cloves. Now pray to the deities.
  • Ganesh Puja: Lord Ganesha is to be worshipped before any pujas. Ganesh Puja is a must for Diwali Puja.
  • Laxmi Puja: Place Lotus and other flowers at her feet as an offering. Now perform Aarti with flowers. A silver coin is placed in front of Maa Laxmi during the puja. After Diwali Puja have the prasad and go out to burst Fire Crackers.

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