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Distance Healing Yantra

Distance Healing Yantra

Reiki Distance Healing Yantra is very Powerful Reiki Yantraused for healing the person with Reiki PowerDistance healing is imagining reaching out and touching somebody, not with a telephone, a letter, or an electronic mail, but just with your energy and intention.

 The individual, you get in touch with could be in the next room, the next town, the next state, or in another country or in a different continent or even on a ship in the middle of a sea, it could be the one you love most in the world, or an unfamiliar person in need. Wherever they are, your energy and intention can arrive at them. With a healing intention, your energy can help that one be more whole.  This Reiki Yantra is a combination of three powerful symbols of Reiki. The three Reiki symbols are:

  • Cho-Koo-Ray

Meaning:  Put the power of the world here.

 Purpose: An all intention figure that can also be used to expand the effects of other Reiki frequencies.
The Cho Ku Rei (power sign) is used to enhance power and intensify energies, and reduce inherent power and energies (when used in reverse). This Reiki symbol looks similar to a coil. The coil is meant to enlarge and retract, adaptable to the flow of Chi/ Ki energies. From time to time, a slight energy flow is needed, where as other times a blow up of energy is better. Praised for its demonstration power, this sign is a wonderful law of attraction focusing instrument. To know more about Cho-Koo-Ray, visit Reiki Wish Fulfillment Yantra (Anoopji, here give the link)

  • Sei Hei Ki

Meaning: Unison of Supernatural being and man.

Purpose:  a relaxing symbol used to calm the mind, promote balance and reinforce healthy habits. 
The Sei Hei Ki represents harmony. Call it representative or harmonizer if you like, but the Sei Hei Ki will decline to negotiate an unfair result. It truthfully is a defensive guard of armor.Sei Hei Ki gives guts to the discouraged and helps to level the playing field when life's hard knocks is kicking your bump. It scorches bad habits and drives out harmful energies. Make this sign your best buddy and it will not let you down. Sei Hei Ki is reliable friend, particularly whenever you are facing problems. To know more about Sei Hei Ki, visit Reiki Wish Fulfillment Yantra (Anoopji, here give the link)

  • Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen:

Meaning: No past, no present, no future or it can have the meaning of the Buddha in me contacts the Buddha in you.

Purpose: Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol used in distance healing and for relieving karmic issues.
Best known for its extension powers, the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen sign is used when sending Reiki Power to long distances. It represents a figure shifter that goes beyond the limits of time and space. Another name for this sign is "Pagoda" because of its tower like manifestation. Stretchy in consistency, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is a fun sign to play with during your curative visualizations. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen can also change itself into a solution that will unlock the Akashic Records. For this reason, this Reiki symbol sign is a vital tool for the Reiki practitioner when working on internal child or past live concerns with their customers.
When the above three symbols are combined together; then this is known as the Reiki distance healing Yantra. These Reiki symbols improve the flow of 'life force energy'. TheseReiki symbols open the gate to better and superior levels of awareness.

The Reiki signs owe their life to Sanskrit. It is believed that all languages of the world are resulting from Sanskrit. The Vedas are the oldest texts known to man and these are written in Sanskrit. According to the Vedas, Sanskrit is the language of the fortitude world. The Reiki signs are shown to the students before attunement. A connection is established between the symbol that are shown and metaphysical energies that the sign symbolizes. Reiki attunement allows the signs to complete their future purpose. A holy harmony between God and those who have received attunement have created this procedure. It is believed that the Reiki symbols themselves have a awareness of their own. By meditating on the Reiki symbols, one can receive direction on how to use the signs to advantage. We are the best suppliersReiki Distance Healing Yantra in India. Whether you want ReikiDistance Healing Yantrain Noida or want to buy Reiki Distance Healing Yantra in Delhi you have to contact us, we provide you the best Yantras in the world.

Besides being potentiated with Cosmic Energy, by our Reiki Expert Ācharya Kalki Krishna himself, ‘’ energies/ consecrates this Yantra in a pure traditional Reiki way, before being forwarded to you. Some of our esteemed clients, who are running big industrial houses, have been highly benefitted from this Yantra. You may buy Reiki Distance Healing Yantra online from our website ‘AstroDevam’.


  • Reiki Distance Healing Yantra is used for distance healing.
  • Keep Reiki Distance Healing Yantra in pocket, briefcase, or almirah to energize and protect from civil forces.
  • Keep Reiki Distance Healing Yantra under pillow for good sleep.
  • You can put Reiki Distance Healing Yantra into water and drink the symbol-energized water every day, charge the water with your purpose and drink every day.
  • You can meditate Reiki Distance Healing Yantra everyday to empower and activate your psychic power.
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