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Crystal Rosary / Mala Plain - 07 mm (MACR-001)

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Crystal Rosary also called as Sphatik malaused for praying. Sphatik or Crystal Mala used for strengthening the positivity within a person, it releases a person from all reasons of fear or annoyance.

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$ 17.20
100% Safe & Secured Corporate supplies and wholesalePrashna / Horary
PRODUCT Crystal Plain Rosary
WEIGHT 47 gm approx
SIZE Length of Rosary - 39 cm (15"), Beads Size - 07 mm approx
COLOR White transperent
MATERIAL Natural Crystal Beads
SHAPE & CUT Round Beads

Crystal Rosary also called as Sphatik mala/crystal mala is a set of prayer beads used in counting prayers. Plain big crystal rosary consists of beads made up of crystal. For those who do intellectual type of work and have interest in spiritual activities can use crystal rosary. Plain big Crystal rosary balances all the energy chakras while chanting mantras during meditation. Sphatik beads protect and heal negative influences. Sphatik rosary is the best rosary for counting beads while chanting goddess mantras.

The effectiveness of this rosary is so prevalent and popular that not even followers of Hindu religion, but those belonging to other religions also willingly adopt and wear it.

If you worn this crystal rosary on Monday, then it will give you peace of mind. A crystal rosary worn on Saturday saves a person from blood related diseases.

 According to the rules of astrology, one can wear crystal rosary either around neck or around fist. It should be stored in a sacred and clean place when it is not in use.

 Following are the uses of Plain Big Crystal (Sphatik) Rosaries :

  • Plain big crystal rosary is considered as an effective source with which one
    can gain proximity with the God.
  • It makes the mind calm.
  • It reduces stress.
  • It also assists one to let the ‘self’ surrender to the will of the supreme Lord.
  • It takes out all the excessive heat settled in one’s body and mind to make them feel light and liberated.


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