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Crystal Karya Siddhi Pendant (PECKS-001)

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Quick Overview

Crystal Karya Siddhi Pendant is an effective Pendant, which guarantees individual's success in every aspect of his life. Crystal Karya Siddhi Pendant is meant for accomplishing all our desire. It gives success in all our ventures and efforts. Crystal Karya Siddhi Pendantprotects us from all troubles.  


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Product Specification

PRODUCT Crystal Karya Siddhi Pendant
WEIGHT 12 gm approx
SIZE Diameter - 2 cm (1/2")
COLOR Metalic transperent

Product Description

Crystal Karya Siddhi Pendant is a powerful Yantra, which ensures the success and well-being of the person in every aspect of his life. Karya Siddhi Pendant is specially energized to radiate its beneficial power. This powerful Pendant protects a person from all kinds of worry, failure, evil eye, danger and sickness. Crystal Karya Siddhi Pendant is a perfect remedy for businessmen who are suffering from failure of business deals.

  • Crystal Karya Siddhi Pendant should be used for accomplishing success in any new undertaking, business, profession, etc.
  • By worshipping this sacred Pendant, a person can overcome all kinds of obstruction, complications, difficulties, worries, distresses and hurdles.
  • Using this auspicious holy Pendant is very helpful for any person. Crystal Karya Siddhi Pendant bestows a person with Health, Wealth, Success, Harmony and Comforts of life.  
  • Crystal Karya Siddhi Pendant brings Success in all tasks and fulfilment of all desire.

The word Karya Siddhi means that " Action fulfilment". A person gets power, authority and favour from Seniors, Fulfilment of Wishes and Success in any undertaking is secured if someone worships this Pendant properly.  


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