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Change Existing Name Or Number


In some cases, it is very difficult to correct your existing name or number e.g a telephone number or car number. In some peculiar cases, change of name is inevitable. For example, in some communities, ladies have to surrender their names after marriage and put in a new name. Even adding surname of husband in the name of ladies after marriage is very common across the world, which also comes into the purview of name change. Another case may be change in name after conversion from one religion to another religion. However, in all these cases, new names are to be weighed and analyzed as per numerological parameters.

The changed name, if framed properly, brings a sea change in the life of concerned individual or organization. Our clients vouch for it, to whom, the changed names have brought triumph, achievement and fortune.

We undertake change of following names and numbers-

Our advice, avail this unique service, especially if you want to see the positive impact of this remedial tool, diligently used by ‘Astro Vāstu’. What you have to do is to fill up the form and send us. We will evaluate all the possible options and recommend the most success inducing and numerological correct option for being executed by you.

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