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Begusarai, the city of queens
About the city of Begusarai
Begusarai is a beautiful ancient city located in the Indian state Bihar. This city is located 41mt above the sea level. According to the historians, this city used to be an important part of the ancient Mithila Kingdom. The interesting name of this ancient city was coined from the term Begum and Sarai. From various records it has been noticed that, this city used to be visited by the Gegum (queen) of Bhagalpur for her pilgrimage near this River Ganga located city. From that time this sacred city has coined its name as Begusarai. Apart from possessing a rich historical scenario, this city offers picturesque surroundings. According to the geologists, this city houses the largest oxbow lake of Asia, named as Kabar taal.

Attractions near the city

    • Jai Mangala Temple-This beautiful ancient temple is located on the bank of River Ganges. Apart from being a pious religious site, this Simaria nearby location of this temple is famous as the birth place of the National Poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar.
    • Naulakaha Temple- This temple is one of the most attractive traveling destinations nearby this city. This temple offers its visitors to view a wonderful example of ancient architecture. To view this temple, in different occasion’s travelers come here.
    • Panch mandir- This is another pious temple that you will come across when you travel inside this city. The prestigious touch of the ancient architecture transform this temple in to beautiful pilgrimage site near the Begusarai city.
    • Kanwar lake Bird Sanctuary- As per the geologist, this lake is considered as the largest oxbow lake in Asia. While traveling to this noted lake, travelers will come across an amazing sight of the migratory birds. Among these birds, some birds are declared as the endangered species of rare category.

    • Radhe Shyam temple-This temple is one of the mostly visited temples of this city. Most of the inhabitants of Bihar come to this temple to offer a puja to this temple’s deity Lord Krishna. When you come here, you will listen the sacred chanting and songs to be sung for praising Lord Krishna.
    • Simaria Mela-Simaria Mela is considered as the most popular mela or fair in Begusarai. The interesting factor behind this fair is that, every year pilgrims of Bihar and abroad come to visit this fair. It is one of the most remarkable fair arranged in this region.
    • Harsai Stupa-Harsai Stupa is considered as the most precious historical evidence in Begusarai. This ancient stupa is often visited for its brilliant architectural designs. The creation of the ancient design makes these stupas as one of the most attractive site in the Begusarai.
    • Ajatshatru Fort- This fort is located in the suburb area of the town Begusarai. This is a historical fort, which was constructed in the ancient period. The incomparable architecture of the fort, has transformed this site as one of the major historical attractions near this city.


Grocery products- While travelling Begusarai, you will get to collect the precious crops in a comparatively low price. As this city is known for cultivating these crops, so they are available in a low price. Apart from buying these crops, you may select to buy the dairy product from the nearby shops, in a low price.


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